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Studio A
Studio A
Studio A
Studio A
Studio A
Studio A

The Sony Oxford OXF R-3 is a standard in the world of digital desks with a sound of its own.
Fitted with 5.1 main monitoring and a 104 outputs Protools HD rig, studio A is a reference in matter of stereo mixing or 5.1 original soundtrack mixing.
With its adjacent living room and a big live room, studio A has a really spacious control room acoustically designed by Laffont which takes advantage of its natural light.



Outboard Equipment


 PreAmp Tube-Tech MP1A

 PreAmp D.W Fearn VT-2

 Urei 1176 LN silver

 Universal Audio 1176 black

 Lexicon Pcm 80

 Yamaha Spx 990

 AMS Delay dmx 15-80 s

 Reverb Convolution Sony S777

 Eventide Eclipse

 Eventide DSP 4000

 DAT Sony Pcm 7040

 Lexicon 480

 Lexicon 960


Recording Formats


  Console Sony Oxford OXF-R3, 120 voies, total recall

  ProTools HD7 Version 10 

  Avid192 I/O 24 inputs / 104 outputs

  Mac Pro with Quad-Core Intel 2.8 Ghz Xeon

  UAD-2 Quad Core Satelite



  5.1 moniroring :

  3 Genelec 1038 + 2 Dynaudio BM15A + 2 Subs Genelec 


 Stéréo monitoring:


  Focal Trio6 Be 

  Yamaha NS-10


Musical Instruments


  Piano Steinway M5

  Fender Rhodes ( Optionnal )

Cue System


  2 sony Oxford Cue


Documents to prepare your session

+33 1 43 43 67 77

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