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Neve V3

Studio B
Studio B
Studio B
Studio B
Studio B
Studio B

The cosy atmosphere of studio B’s control room, recently re-designed by Deluc Acoustic, fitted with a Neve V3 60 channels (with flying faders automation) and a heavy protools HDX rig, is the right place to produce your next project.
Its 80 square meters live room and the 4 adjacent iso booths will allow you every imaginable setup.




Recording Formats


 Console Neve V3 60 voies, automation flying faders

 ProTools HDX System Version 10 & 11

 Avid192 I/O & Apogee AD8000 : 32 analog inputs / 48 analog outputs


 Mac Pro with Quad-Core Intel 2.8 Ghz Xeon

 UAD-2 Quad Core Satelitte


 Studer A 80 MK4 Analog Tape Machine




 Amadeus custom 3-way monitors

 Yamaha NS-10

 Barefoot MM45


Musical Instruments


 Yamaha C6 Piano

 Fender Rhodes ( Optionnal )

Cue System


 Hear Back system

 2 Neve V3's cue systems

Outboard Equipment

 Yamaha SPX90

  PCM 60

  PCM 70

  Sony sound processor V77

  Publison Infernal Machine 90

  Sony digital Delay

  Yamaha Rev5

  Tube Tech MP1A

  Tube Tech ME1A

  Tube Tech PE1B

  Tube Tech Cl1A

  DBX 160XT

  Yamaha D5000

  Deltalab Digital Delay

  Valley Dynamic

  Valley Leveller 

  TC Electronic M2000

  Audio Design Recording compressor&limiter

  BBE Sonic Maximizer 822A

  DBX 160 compressor/limiter

  Urei 1176

  Urei 1178

  SSL Logic Fx G384

  Aural Exciter Type C

  Drawner Dual Gate D5201

  De Esser SPL

  EMI Chandler limited TG1 Limiter

  Eventide H3000

  Avalon D 2055

  Avalon M5

  AMS model 2-80

  AMS model RMX16

  Roland Chorus Echo SRE 555

  Lexicon 480

  Lexicon 224

  EMT 240

  AKG BX20


Documents to prepare your session

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