Studio D

Ssl 9000K Series

Fitted with a SSL 9000K XL (72 channels), a heavy Protools HD rig, and accompanied by a 60 square meters live room and 2 adjacent iso booths, the studio D provides you windows overlooking the Faubourg Saint Antoine’s Street allowing you to work in absolute phase with the outside world.


Recording Formats


 SSL 9000K 72 voices Console, fitted with total recall

 ProTools HD3 System Version 10 

 Avid192 I/O 32 analog inputs / 64 analog outputs

 Mac Pro with Quad-Core Intel 2.8 Ghz Xeon

 UAD-2 Quad Core Satellite



 Genelec 1038

 Adam A77X

 Yamaha NS-10

 Genelec 1031


Musical Instruments


 Yamaha C6 Piano

 Fender Rhodes (Optionnal)


Cue System


 Hear Back system / 4 satellites

 3 SSL 9000K Cue systems

Outboard Equipment


 EQ Stéréo GML 

 EQ Stéréo Maneley Massive passive

 PreAmp D.W Fearn

 Eventide H-3000

 Sony DSP V77

 Yamaha Spx 90 II

 Lexicon PCM 70

 Yamaha digital Delay

 Lexicon pcm 81

 Ams Delay dmx 15-80 S

 Distressor EL8

 Distressor EL8

 Summit Audio DCL 200

 Universal Audio 1176 LN

 Dbx 120 A

 Valley people Dynamite

 SPL Transient Designer

 Drawner 1960

 Drawner DL 231

 Lexicon 960

 EMT 240

Documents to prepare your session

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